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Belly Dancers

Zen Arts belly dancers have taken the mastery of this ancient art form and updated it with modern influences creating a fusion of styles that brings the art of belly dancing to a whole new level. The art of bellydance has captivated and utterly mesmerized audiences for ages. No other dance form evokes a timeless sensuality and sense of mystery quite like belly dance. Our exquisitely costumed serpentine shape shifters will demonstrate muscle contol and technical skill that will leave you speechless. The Zen Arts bellydancers demonstrate a range of talent pairing bellydance with fire performance or utilizing props such as sword, shamadan, silk fans, or veil. In any capacity, Zen Arts bellydance performers will add an incomparably exotic element to any event. Our belly dancers are based in Los Angeles and have traveled and performed in night clubs, private and corporate events, runways, benefit galas, private homes, lounges, clubs, and large corporate trade shows and events all over the world. Zen Arts bellydancers have been described as "The Best and Most Beautiful Dancers in the World!"

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