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Zen Arts has an exclusive collection of event music for any special occasion. Be it a party dj, cool jazz group, vocalist, or a delicate string quartet, Zen Arts integrates and considers music to be an integral part of any special event. From corporate event entertainment to major night clubs, our dj services are professional and some of the best in the world. We have performed in major night clubs internationally, throughout Los Angeles in some of the largest clubs and lounges, for celebrity friends in LA, Miami, and New York, and have brought music to large corporate events throughout the world. Our cool jazz group brings a level of musicianship and spirit that can be catered to a night club, wedding, or corporate event. Our vocalists can sing with a professional dj, an instrumental band, or solo. We also have electric and acoustic string instrumentalists, saxophone players, and funky hip street performers who play music that are great for many events. All of the artists listed on our music page we know personally and are part of Zen Arts. Please listen to the music posted here and let us know what's music to your ears?

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