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Zen Arts can bring a variety of event entertainment and talent to any special event. In addition to aerialists, fire dancers, belly dancers, burlesque dancers, and djs, Zen Arts also showcases specialty acts such as contortionists, acrobats, hoopers, capoeira dancers, live muralist, samba dancers, snake charmer, stilt walkers, and cirque characters. Our performers are based in Los Angeles and have trained and worked with some of the best cirque performers in the world to develop their own acts, adding signature style and technique. Zen Arts performers have performed with Cirque Du Soleil, in Las Vegas shows, been in film, tv, music videos, and Broadway. Zen Arts also features some of the hottest go-go dancers in Los Angeles. Merging sex appeal, classical training in dance, and super hot costumes, our go-go dancers have performed in some of the most popular night clubs in Los Angeles and across the world. Whatever you imagine for your special event, Zen Arts can help you make it a reality.

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