Susie Culini: Founder, Designer

Monday, August 17, 2009

Plain, simple, dirty, irresistible, beauty.

Geniuses have a tendency to make some beautiful stuff happen in the world. This beauty is what we humans call the arts. Art, music, poetry and dance are the only nonsensical and frivolous aspects of life that keep us all from going crazy. What else is more interesting than being in the presence of, sharing with and getting to collaborate in some way with something beautiful?

Susie Culini had this thought as her primary inspiration for co-creating Zen Arts. She wanted to be around geniuses, Winkies, she calls them all the time. She wants to live in a world of Winkies, a grouping of people that create what they want when they want… and those creations have one prime directive… to explore the boundaries of beauty.

And as Zen Arts primary costume designer, Susie’s genius has her hard at work. It is a pleasure to watch somebody, who has not been professionally trained in her chosen craft to whip out brilliant works of art faster than a locomotive can squash baby kittens.

Susie has an uncanny knack for tapping into to the collective unconscious of the fashion world and giving it a shot of adrenaline. As co-founder, co-manager and co-director of Zen Arts I don’t understand how she gets her magical pieces done, and holds down a day job.

Mind blowing.

The next time you see a Zen Arts show, take a moment to look at the magic and artistry sewn into all of the costumes worn by the talent. Her aesthetic, is only matched by the functionality of her clothing. Each piece is custom made to suit the needs of the performer and their individual gift. That means that almost every artist in almost every show has a new handmade Culini masterpiece to flaunt. Wow. Keep an eye out for her own clothing line… its kinds hush-hush right now….

Susie, alert your genius, and tell her to keep it coming because your first orders are about to start coming in.

So to you Susie and all the other pets of geniuses that are opening up the floodgates to the divine thank you… thank you for your tireless works, thank you for your sacrifices and thank you for creating in the face of what seems like an impossibly backwards world. Your genius and your labors, like Zen Arts are the only thing keeping the world alive.

2 thoughts on “Susie Culini: Founder, Designer

  1. I think you should start up a Zen Arts in Minneapolis Minnesota! Its a very art filled city and this would add that special spice we all desire in life. :) PLus how amazing it would be to work with a corp. so special and different.

  2. I love the suits that you designed for Zoraya
    I love your style. i’m a poledancer and artist on stilts and fireperformer.
    But for the poledancing, can you design something for me?

    It is amazing what you can do and make really.

    Hope to hear from you, a big fan.


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