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The Trick is to Never Drop that Stick!

How does something that started out as an old military rifle trick evolve into this unbelievable and magical display, like something straight out of The Matrix?! Is it dance? Is it juggling? Is it capoeira? Although it seems like a combination of the three, it is actually a form of juggling that appears to defy the […]

You Might As Well Be Walking on the Sun

Here at Zen Arts it should be apparent by now that if there’s fire involved in any sort of display…we’re not too far away. For centuries fire has remained a symbol of life, death, rebirth, and purification in various cultures around the world. It is revered by many as a sacred symbol of life, being […]

Zen Arts and Skrillex Rock LA Live for Takeover Tour Finale

Los Angeles is left in shambles after a near weeklong take-over by the aggressive raging rhythms of Skrillex. MTV’s EDM (electronic dance music) artist of 2011 bombarded Los Angeles with back-to-back shows from Tuesday January 24th to Sunday January 29th, playing at venues like Cinespace, The Echoplex, ExchangeLA, The Avalon, and The Palladium. The dubstep […]

Artist Spotlight: Skrillex

Destruction, explosions, carnage, and robots…these are just some of the images that are conjured up when listening to any Skrillex track. Whether you want to call it dubstep, brostep, glitch, or simply noise, his indefinable genre of music can only be labeled as Skrillex. Fresh off Zen Arts’ recent performance with Skrillex at LA Live […]


Whoops There Goes My Top: The Beauty of Burlesque

If all dance performance were like an ice cream sundae, burlesque would surely be the chocolate syrup, a silky slow-pour of sinful, decadent, and naughty sweetness that playfully covers the top, revealing sections of the coveted cool cream underneath. As opposed to strippers, whose sole goal is to unload their garments and dance in the […]


Walking, Breathing, Living Art

“If God had meant for us to be naked, we’d have been born that way.” –Mark Twain. When it comes to nudity and censorship we don’t think anyone could have said it better. What’s the point of clothes anyway? The human body is a work of art that should be on display, especially if it’s […]


Modern Mermaids: From Tales to Tails

From Daryl Hannah shattering TV sets of the Bloomingdale’s electronics department…to little Ariel using a fork to comb her hair…to whatever the heck this is on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills…mermaids have permeated media and popular culture for decades. Dating back to ancient mythology, the idea of merfolk, a species of magical underwater people […]


The Dance of Smiles

With Mardi Gras less than one month away, it’s time to dig up your bedazzled glittery bikini, 5-foot high headdress, and 4-inch heels! More commonly known as Carnival, this once-a-year celebration is marked with week-long street parades, masquerades, parties, costumes, dancing, and music. But no Carnival is ever complete without the dance that started it […]


The Trick that is Truly Tough as Nails

When it comes to freaky sideshow acts, no other trick seems to furrow brows and turn stomachs as effectively as the human blockhead. Even the name itself can seem quite jarring: the human blockhead? But what else would you call someone who hammers nails into their skull? Obviously this does not sound like something a smart […]


Captured Through a Zen Lens

Ever wonder how the Zen Arts crew produces so many visually-striking images of light and fire performance? Well it’s not through Photoshop, Illustrator, or some other means of photographic digital manipulation. All it takes is a simple adjustment of your camera. Long-exposure photography has been around since the beginnings of photography itself. It involves the […]