Whether you’re planning an extravagant dinner party for department heads or a week-long retreat for all your employees, you need to include entertainment. From aerial acrobats to fire dancers, talented performers will ensure your company-sponsored event is a success.

Even corporate events that are meant to be productive—e.g., leadership retreats or team-building exercises—can benefit from party entertainment in the following ways:


1. Entices Employees to Attend

Even if the event falls on a workday, some employees may not be inclined to attend. If you promise to provide breathtaking entertainment, however, you can be sure those individuals will think twice before skipping it.

Hiring performers will inevitably increase attendance at future events, too. Once your employees realize you’re not asking them to sit in a stuffy conference room and sip stale coffee all day, they’ll rearrange their schedules as needed so they can always RSVP “yes” to your unforgettable corporate gatherings.

2. Forges Stronger Connections Between Departments

Sharing memorable experiences strengthens personal connections, and you can be sure your employees will remember that time you hired aerial acrobats or fire dancers to entertain them. In the process, they’ll forge a stronger bond with all those in attendance. Then, when the next big project rolls around, they’ll be much more willing to collaborate. This will increase productivity and ultimately leave you with a better final product to distribute.

3. Demonstrates Gratitude for a Job Well Done

When employees feel like their work is appreciated, they tend to work harder. Even if they’re merely meeting your minimum expectations by performing their job duties, it’s worth showing your gratitude. You might be surprised at how much that motivates them to go above and beyond.

From recognizing individual achievements to increasing fringe benefits, there are dozens of ways to show your employees how much you appreciate them, and providing exceptional entertainment at company-sponsored events is one of them. Ensuring every corporate event you host is actually fun and not just “mandatory fun” will go a long way toward letting them know you value their contributions.

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